rampiasDaddy's Favoritehttp://rampias.tumblr.com/post/83687149196http://haughtyspirit.tumblr.com/post/59788707673/i-want-her-to-melt-into-me-like-butter-on-toast

I want her to melt into me, like butter on toast. I want to absorb her and walk around for the rest of my days with her encased in my skin.

I want.

Sara Gruen, Water for Elephants  (via rampias)
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I wish none of you were sad


Something else is hurting you - that’s why you need pot or whiskey, or screaming music turned so fucking loud you can’t think.

Charles Bukowski  (via vveeknds)
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diced--pineappleMingash ✰http://diced--pineapple.tumblr.com/post/83673055541/i-love-you-i-do-but-i-am-afraid-of-making-thathttp://larmoyante.com/post/81687342002/i-love-you-i-do-but-i-am-afraid-of-making-that
I love you— I do— but I am afraid of making that love too important. Because you’re always going to leave me. We can’t deny it. You’re always going to leave.
David Levithan, Every Day  (via decembrist)
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clementinevonradicsClementine von Radicshttp://clementinevonradics.tumblr.com/post/83674244318/you-are-a-miracle-what-i-mean-is-i-love-you
You are a miracle.
What I mean is
I love you.
What I mean is your hands
are a blast of truth from God.
summersailinggirlBegin Anywherehttp://summersailinggirl.tumblr.com/post/83677780594/god-forbid-a-woman-be-more-than-her-bodyhttp://michellekpoems.tumblr.com/post/73374651375/god-forbid-a-woman-be-more-than-her-body
God forbid
a woman be more
than her
Michelle K., Angry Women and Diet Commercials. (via makelvenotwar)
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Things that need to stop being in kid shows.

"I can’t lose to a girl"

"I can’t believe I lost to a girl"

"you let a girl beat you"

If you keep showing these types of mindsets to kids they’re going to think they should think that way as well.